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Filling Systems | ONYX Natural Stone

Cellular Confinement System (geocells) and Geotextiles for Soil Improvement

ONYX Natural Stone Ltd. has started to supply geocells and geotextiles for the soil confinement projects since the begining of 2011.

Princiapal Fields of Application

Construction of retaining walls

Stabilisation of slopes affected by surface erosion

Stabilisation of Stream, channels and ditches

Subbase confinement

- Foundations of industrial & residencial buildings

- Foundations of civil structures-highways and roadbed

Main Advantages of the Cellular Confinement Systems

Significant growth of the load-bearing capacity after installation

Manual placing without using machinery

Speed of placing 800-1000 m2/1 working group 4 workers/1 day

Heavy machinery may travel on the finished layer immediately independent of weather conditions

The geocell materials of various types, which allow for strengthening floors with different features such as send, clay, crushed stone and mud, are selected according to the loading conditionsof the floor.

In areas with dense water flows, geotextile materials can also be used due to filtration characteristics.